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Why Insurance Warehouse?

Our insurance industry is in a crisis right now all across the country.  Obtaining affordable coverage for Health, Life, Medicare, Auto, Home or Commercial is one of the top priorities for most people today but understanding all the ins and outs of our insurance system under the current circumstances is a daunting and frustrating task. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert in the rules, regulations and “gotcha’s” help you navigate this crazy mess?  Finally, someone you can trust as your advocate to look out for your best interests!  Insurance Warehouse offers you the expertise, attention to detail and the heart to take care of you.  As you know, an unexpected illness, injury or death without proper insurance protection can cost you thousands of dollars that may either severely impact your financial resources or send the family into a financial tailspin.  Insurance Warehouse is able to offer a variety of solutions to help protect you from the financial burden of these unexpected life events.  One of our major strengths is that we listen to and understand your concerns.  Knowing the market like we do, we then shop for programs that make good common and budgetary sense.

Another major strength is that we are able to “think outside the box” and bring you “alternatives” to the federal ACA plans. These “alternative” types of plans are designed to deliver benefits you have come to want, expect and deserve at 40%-60% lower rates!  These plans are even exempt from the Obamacare penalty!  If you haven’t heard of these plans you owe it to yourself to get the info.  Our consultations are FREE and relaxed so contact us at 586-623-5629 or email us at info@InsWH.com.

Meet Victor Whang

Insurance specialist with 30 years of exprience

2017 marks my 30th year in the advisory business. I wanted to offer a one-stop-shopping experience where my clients could get ALL their insurance coverage needs with one phone call or visit, hence the name “Insurance Warehouse”.

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